Design of a Solid Freeform Fabrication Diamond Reactor

Thissell, W.Richards
Tompkins, James
Marcus, Harris L.
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Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) has progressed from the visualization aided stage of computer aided designs (CAD) to rapid prototyping of structural parts. Among the promising techniques for producing structural prototypes is the technology ofchemical vapor deposition (CVD) ofpolycrystalline diamond. This paper discusses the thermodynamic and kinetic theories that suggest that structural diamond may be rapidly deposited at rates approaching 1 mmJhr from the vapor phase at metastable thermodynamic conditions. The design of a reactor that will produce structural diamond prototypes is discussed. This reactor combines downstream microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (DMWPECVD) with a scanned CO2 laser that locally heats the substrate to diamond deposition temperatures. The input:Fases are H2, 02' CH4, and Ar. The operating pressure range of the reactor is 1 x 10- to 7 x 102 Torr. The reactor is designed for in situ determination of deposit thickness while deposition occurs as well as having the capacity of fitting on an existing resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization time of flight mass spectroscopy (REMPITOFMS) apparatus that will allow for plasma diagnostics immediately above the heated substrate. Plasma diagnostics will be employed to determine the active metastable species that results in diamond deposition so that optimization can be made ofthe operating parameters to maximize diamond selectivity and deposition rate.