Wave Propagation In Water-Saturated Sand And Grain Contact Physics




Chotiros, N. P.
Isakson, M. J.

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Measurements in sandy ocean sediments over a broad range of frequencies show that the sound speed dispersion is significantly greater than that predicted by the Biot-Stoll model with constant coefficients, and the observed sound attenuation does not seem to follow a consistent power law. The observations may be explained in terms of the Biot-Stoll model with frequency-dependent complex frame bulk and shear moduli that are governed by the grain-grain contact physics, and random motion at the grain level. In the case of water-saturated sands, the contact stiffness is dominated by squirt flow and viscous drag of a thin fluid film that permeates the contact area. Using this approach, the observed sound and shear wave speeds and attenuations may be modeled over a broad band of frequencies.


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Nicholas P. Chotiros and Marcia J. Isakson. AIP Conference Proceedings 1272, 125 (Sep., 2010); doi: 10.1063/1.3493053