Pink booth confessions : unpacking the booth




Heckler, Millie Catherine

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Pink Booth Confessions emerges as a genre-bending performance piece, created as a means of survival for grappling with, confronting, and attempting to heal from sexual harassment and violence. A collaboration between three women, the work bridges concert dance, durational meditative performance art, original music production and live instrumentation. Within a pressurized theatrical “pink booth” performers activate a marriage between the dancing body and the expressive voice. Employing autobiographical dance to re-present and revisit moments from the performers’ pasts, dancers conjure memory worlds and embody various characters—including themselves—whom have impacted their lives through sexually-charged interaction. The work draws from feminist, queer, Hip Hop, Africanist, somatic, and psychoanalytic theoretical frameworks to investigate: How many voices live inside the body? Through supportive rehearsal and performance spaces, dancers play with staging and subverting gender and racial identities as a means of claiming and re-writing their stories. Within realms of conjured memory, the guiding question is: What would I say if I could say what I mean? Bringing voice to stories that lurk in closets, locked in secrets, performers ask: What happens when we bring life to secrets—stories that don’t make sense? How might the embodiment of these memories provide clarity about their complexity? And how might finding answers about the body, through the body, facilitate healing for all bodies?


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