Evaluating the net-humanitarian impact of Russia’s intervention in Syria




Rehnquist, Thomas Cornell

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This report uses quantitative and qualitative data to determine the humanitarian impact of Russia’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War (2011-Present). It argues that Russia’s military intervention in September 2015, despite Western backlash, had a net positive humanitarian impact. Prior to Russia’s involvement, thousands of Syrian civilians were dying per month, with neither side capable of victory, nor interested in political compromise. This violent stalemate appeared unending. Russia’s intervention helped break this stalemate, and gave the Assad regime the upper-hand in the conflict. The war still continues today in some portions of the country, but at a dramatically lower intensity. Western countries should look to Russia’s strategy in Syria as a model for future interventions. By intervening in a biased manner, Russia was able to shorten the conflict, and save an estimated 55,000 lives


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