Nuru Kenya 2020 Impact Report




Patnaik, Ashweeta
Prince, Heath

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


Since 2016, the Ray Marshall Center has been providing technical assistance to support Nuru International’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team. The Center’s experience and expertise supports Nuru’s work in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria by demonstrating the effectiveness and robustness of its integrated approach to addressing poverty. In Kenya, the integrated Nuru model seeks to address three key areas of need: 1) food insecurity, 2) inability to cope with economic shocks and 3) unnecessary disease and death. To track program impact, the M&E team collects yearly evaluation data to support all data-driven decision-making. This report reviews Nuru Kenya’s 2020 impact results for rural livelihoods, healthcare, and farmer organization performance.


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