Pairwise-Korat : automated testing using Korat in an industrial setting




Zhong, Hua, Engineering

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In this report, we present an algorithm for testing applications which takes structurally complex test inputs. The algorithm, Pairwise-Korat, adopts Korat -- an algorithm for constraint-based generation of structurally complex test inputs. Korat takes (1) an imperative predicate which specifies the desired structural integrity constraints and (2) a finitization which bounds the desired test inputs size. Korat performs a systematic search to generate all test inputs (within the bounds) for which the predicate returns true. We present how to generate test inputs in Korat and how to execute test inputs in parallel. The inputs that Korat generates enable bounded-exhaustive testing that checks the code under test exhaustively for all inputs within the given bounds. We also describe a novel methodology for reducing the number of equivalent inputs that Korat generates. Our development of test input generation and the methodology for reducing equivalent inputs are motivated by testing applications developed at eBay. The experimental results show that the Pairwise-Korat achieves great performance in finding defects and increasing test coverage and the algorithm outperforms current manual solutions adopted at the company.



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