Letter from Leonard Robert Palmer to Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., August 3, 1962

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Palmer, Leonard Robert

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Palmer writes to Bennett, detailing discrepancies he believes he has found in the various records of the excavations at Knossos and which he thinks supports his case for a radical redating of the Palace. He underlines that this information is to be held in the strictest confidence. Palmer uses a number of abbreviations in this letter. Here is a glossary for the reader's convenience: NEP = North Entrance Passage, part of the Palace of Minos at Knossos RSJ = Room of the Stirrup Jars, part of the Palace of Minos RSG = Room of the Saffron Gatherer, part of the Palace of Minos AE/NB = Sir Arthur Evans' notebooks from his excavations at the Palace of Knossos PoM = Palace of Minos, in 5 volumes by Sir Arthur Evans SJ = Stirrup jar DM/Pot = Duncan Mackenzie, The Pottery of Knossos (best guess) DM/DB = Duncan Mackenzie, Day-book of the Excavations at Knossos (published 1923) BSA = Annual of the British School in Athens TP = Trial pit (Bennett's own guess as to what this meant)

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