Oscar Branch Colquitt : a political biography




Huckaby, George Portal, 1907-

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The writer undertook this study upon the recommendation of Dr. E. C. Barker. The materials for it are all in Austin, and at the time the work was begun war-time restrictions on travel made that a very important factor. Also, having no previous knowledge of Colquitt's career, the writer was able to begin the work with a completely open mind on the subject. However, he soon found that many Texans of today have a distinct prejudice against Colquitt, and quite a number of them expressed the opinion that he was unworthy of such a comprehensive study. As the research progressed the main reason for this prejudice was found to be the bitterness engendered by the intense feeling over the question of prohibition, which was the dominant issue during practically all of Colquitt's political career. The writer is happy to say that the more he studied Colquitt's life the more he came to appreciate the fact that Colquitt had been much misunderstood and maligned because of this unfortunate prohibition muddle. In fact, the writer is convinced that as time softens and obliterates the memories of the fierce antagonisms of this era Colquitt will be accorded a much higher place in the history of Texas than he now holds, for the record of his administration entitles him to rank among the truly worthy governors of the state