Land and water resources of the Corpus Christi area, Texas

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Kier, R. S.

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


Land and water resources have been analyzed in the Corpus Christi area--Aransas, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio Counties along the central Texas coast. The city and port of Corpus Christi compose the largest metropolitan center in the area. This report analyzes the types, extent, and distribution of land and water resources in the Corpus Christi area. Forty land and water resource units, defined and mapped in the Corpus Christi area...were classified into the following systems: (A) Coastal Plain; (B) active floodplains; (C) barrier islands; (D) wetlands; (E) man-made features; and (F) bays, lagoons, estuaries, and open Gulf. Fundamental definition and delineation of the units were based on characteristics such as natural processes and hazards and physical, chemical, and biological properties. In addition to being classified by systems, units were classified by elements considered most significant in governing the response of the unit to human activities. Use of the map, text, and tabular information, and construction of special-purpose derivative maps can contribute to planning for future development of the Corpus Christi area.


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