Design and Analysis of a Topology Optimized Transtibial Prosthetic Socket Using Combined Static Gait Analysis

Carbonell, R.M.
Crawford, R.H.
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This paper presents the design and analysis of an optimized transtibial prosthetic socket developed using the ground structure method of topology optimization (GSM). The socket wall between the distal 25% of the original socket and a proximal brim is replaced with an optimized truss geometry and a thin wall (1 mm). Separate trusses are developed for the loading conditions of three critical stances: heel strike, vertical (standing), and toe-off. The truss models are combined with critical components to create the final design. The proposed socket is 81.58% of the original socket volume and is designed for manufacturing using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and nylon- 12. The socket design is analyzed, with the material properties for sintered nylon-12, at 10% increments between heel strike and toe-off to determine the viability of both the socket and the corresponding methodology. Simulation results indicate that the design exceeds requirements for all tested stances.