On the wings : the art praxis and feminist epistemologies of Afro-Puerto Rican womanhood



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The objective of this portion of my project is to find the ways in which contemporary Afro-Puerto Rican women in the archipelago—those who self-identify, may be interpellated, and/or are epidermalized as Black—currently build and express subjective decolonial Black womanhood within the realms of visual art. I am particularly interested in the ways in which, through visual art, Afro-Puerto Rican women have come to reclaim an identity that is oftentimes erased in Puerto Rico: Black woman. Even further, Black woman who is politically active and fearless. This project is focused specifically on the visual street art collective Colectivo Moriviví. I chose this woman-centered collective because they are important contributors to Puerto Rican street art, but are also important contributors to feminist praxis in Puerto Rico. The decolonial futurity of Black womanhood they are creating within their work is at the center of this text.


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