Si/SiC-Ceramic low process shrinkage - high temperature material for the Laser Sinter process

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Stierlen, Peter
Schanz, Peter
Eyerer, Peter

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Actual RP-systemsare very limited in producing adequate ceramic prototypes. In the presented process, the part manufacturing bythe laser sintering process in combination with special postprocessing allows the fast production of SUSiC prototypes. A mixture of SiC powder and a reactive polymer binder system is used in the Laser Sinter process. In the following postprocessing the porous green part has to be .infiltrated with a precursor resin, carbonised and finally infiltrated withimolten silicon.•Incontrast to cold isostatic moulding or slip casting the shrinkage is very low (2-4 0/0).• Experiments with suitable materials/and process conditions were successful. This paper will show the state of and the possible further investigation into process.


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