Account planning in Hispanic advertising agencies : exploring a discipline in constant transition

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Muñoz, Isaac Ignacio

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This study provides a historical understanding of the adoption, adaptation and education of account planning in Hispanic advertising agencies. At the time of this writing, minimal academic research had focused on the discipline, and even less on the discipline in Hispanic advertising agencies. According to the United States 2010 census, the Hispanic population surpassed 50 million, making in the largest minority group in the country, accounting for over 15% of the population. Hispanic advertising agencies as a group are charged with reaching this market, and within these agencies, researching, strategizing and briefing are their account planners (also called brand planners, strategic planners, creative planners and research planners). Grounded theory was employed to interview twenty-nine account planners in five states who work, or at some point worked, in a Hispanic advertising agency. The results present a thorough explanation of the adoption and adaptation of account planning in Hispanic advertising agencies, as well as an overview of what account planners who want to work in this market should study. The findings suggest that account planning in Hispanic advertising agencies has experienced innovation diffusion and big brother syndrome, involvement, improvement, and fictive digital kinship. Study limitations, future research, managerial and educational implications are presented as well.




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