Long-term tracking of neuronal clusters with ultraflexible oversampling electrode arrays

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Zhu, Hanlin

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Biological being has displayed abilities to adapt to the ever-changing environment through neural and behavioral modifications and stably maintain such adaptations. Understanding the neural substrates that underlie such capacity is a critical question in neuroscience. Answering this question requires reliable, long-term, and large-scale tracking of the dynamical brain circuitry at the resolution of its basic unit, single neurons. Intracortical electrical recording remains the only option that simultaneously offers temporally resolved, depth independent, long-term tracking of local neuronal clusters. This thesis highlights data processing strategy and the performance of 4 different electrode designs whose properties vary substantially along two axes 1. The spatial resolution of the sensor, subsampling versus oversampling 2. Rigidity of the implanted device, rigid versus flexible. In the second part of this thesis, our work on long-term tracking of neuronal clusters with ultraflexible oversampling electrode array is summarized


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