Clamping Concept for 6 Side Hybrid Manufacturing




Mischliwski, S.
András, D.
Weigold, M.

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For most technical applications, the surface quality and tolerances that result directly from additive processes are not suitable. Hybrid manufacturing as a combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing process steps can help solving this issue. In this work, a conceptional adjustable cast clamping process is introduced for a combination of Laser-based Powder-Bed-Fusion (LPBF) and milling. For component clamping during the milling process, the components are cast in place with a low-melting metal alloy, creating form-fit and force-fit connection. To prove the applicability, a rough estimation of occurring milling forces was conducted. In a subsequent series of tests, validation of clamping force was carried out using complex part geometries. A prototype fixture designed for this cast clamping process has been developed and tested. This fixture allows complex non-restricted 6-side machining of parts without moving it relative to the fixture or the need of any additional manual rework on part surfaces.


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