MADX: Memristors-as-Drivers for Boolean Logic in a Crossbar




Sweeney, Thomas Charles

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Memristors have the potential to not only replace conventional memory, but also to open up new design possibilities because they store 1s and 0s as resistances rather than voltages. A memristor architecture that has attracted interest for its versatility and ease of integration with existing CMOS technologies is the crossbar array. In this thesis, I modify the MAD scheme to create the MADX scheme for performing basic logic operations within a crossbar array. Then, I compare this scheme against two of the most well-known schemes, MAGIC and IMPLY. In the case study of a full-adder, both a one-bit and an 8-bit version, the MADX scheme achieves lower latency and substantially lower area requirements than both MAGIC and IMPLY. This is because it is more flexible about storing output values than either, does not destroy input values unlike IMPLY, and has more basic operations. In particular, it has XOR, which neither IMPLY nor MAGIC have and is useful for addition.


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