Inventory of Freight Transportation in the Southwest. Part II: Motor Carrier Service in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Adair, J. Bryan
Wison, James S.

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


This report provides an inventory of existing motor common carrier freight transportation facilities, services, and practices in the twenty-four Texas and two Oklahoma counties surrounding and including Dallas and Fort Worth. As a manufacturing and distribution hub, Dallas-Fort Worth relies heavily on motor common carrier service to develop its economic potential. For inventory purposes, common carriers have been divided into seven categories: general motor freight, agricultural and other ICC exempt commodities, refrigerated commodities, heavy haulers, bulk commodities, and vehicle haulers. Detailed information for each classification of common carrier includes the number of trucks, estimated number of firms represented, intercity loads, total loads, intercity haulage, and total haulage. The inventory also provides estimates for total volume of general freight, delivery time for truckload and LTL shipments, terminal capacities, load factors, seasonal fluctuations, and the pattern of motor common carrier freight movements.


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