First Stars XVI. HST/STIS Abundances Of Heavy Elements In The Uranium-Rich Metal-Poor Star CS 31082-001

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Mello, C. Siqueira
Spite, M.
Barbuy, B.
Spite, F.
Caffau, E.
Hill, V.
Wanajo, S.
Primas, F.
Plez, B.
Cayrel, R.

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Context. The origin and site(s) of the r-process nucleosynthesis is(are) still not known with certainty, but complete, detailed r-element abundances off er our best clues. The few extremely metal-poor (EMP) stars with large r-element excesses allow us to study the r-process signatures in great detail, with minimal interference from later stages of Galactic evolution. CS 31082-001 is an outstanding example of the information that can be gathered from these exceptional stars. Aims. Here we aim to complement our previous abundance determinations for third-peak r-process elements with new and improved results for elements of the first and second r-process peaks from near-UV HST/STIS and optical UVES spectra. These results should provide new insight into the nucleosynthesis of the elements beyond iron. Methods. The spectra were analyzed by a consistent approach based on an OSMARCS LTE model atmosphere and the Turbospectrum spectrum synthesis code to derive abundances of heavy elements in CS 31082-001, and using updated oscillator strengths from the recent literature. Synthetic spectra were computed for all lines of the elements of interest to check for proper line intensities and possible blends in these crowded spectra. Our new abundances were combined with the best previous results to provide reliable mean abundances for the first and second-peak r-process elements. Results. We present new abundances for 23 neutron-capture elements, 6 of which - Ge, Mo, Lu, Ta, W, and Re - have not been reported before. This makes CS 31082-001 the most completely studied r-II star, with abundances for a total of 37 neutron-capture elements. We also present the first NLTE + 3D abundance of lead in this star, further constraining the nature of the r-process.



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Mello, C. Siqueira, M. Spite, B. Barbuy, F. Spite, E. Caffau, V. Hill, S. Wanajo et al. >First stars-XVI. HST/STIS abundances of heavy elements in the uranium-rich metal-poor star CS 31082-001.> Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 550 (Feb., 2013): A122.