Do Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Spouses Differ in the Ways They Care for Each Other During Physical Illness?




Umberson, Debra
Thomeer, Mieke Beth
Reczek, Corinne
Donnelly, Rachel
Kroeger, Rhiannon A.

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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center



Using data collected from surveys and in-depth interviews with same- and different-sex couples, this brief summarizes two studies that analyze gendered marital dynamics around care work for physical illness. Led by PRC Director Debra Umberson, authors include PRC NICHD Trainee Rachel Donnelly and PRC alumnae Mieke Beth Thomeer, Corinne Reczek, and Rhiannon A. Kroeger. The authors found differences by gender and union type in the ways women and men give care to and receive care from their spouses in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual marriages.

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Umberson, D., Thomeer, M. B., Reczek, C., Donnelly, R., & Kroeger, R. A. (2017). Do gay, lesbian, and heterosexual spouses differ in the ways they care for each other during physical illness? PRC Research Brief 2(4).