Social cognitive career theory & the career development of Southeast Asian American college students




Nguyen, Vinh Tan

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Southeast Asian American (SEAA) (Cambodia American, Hmong American, Laotian American, Vietnamese American) college students have historically been neglected by higher education researchers, policymakers, and practioners. This has contributed to their marginalization misrepresentation in higher education as well as to them being underserved and underrepresented by higher education institutions. This study uses social cognitive career theory (SCCT) as the theoretical framework for examining the impact of the model minority myth and of social cognitive factors (e.g., parents, family, peers, institutional agents) on the career development phenomenon of SEAA. This study is significant because it adds to the dearth of literature on Asian American career development in general and SEAA in particular. It is also significant because it is one of the few studies that employs a qualitative approach to studying the career development of SEAA through the SCCT framework.


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