Mass balance of Campeche oil intruding into Texas bays and estuaries through Aransas Inlet




Flint, R. Warren, 1946-

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The Aransas Inlet and adjoining channels were sampled for surface and subsurface oil concentrations transported in and out of the estuarine complex on flood and ebb tides during the diel period 30-31 August 1979. The results suggested that although the tidal currents were influential in moving oil during this period, the transport due to wind factors also played an important role in moving oil through the channels. In terms of mass balance oil transport over an entire tidal cycle, the surface plankton tow results indicated that only 35% of the oil quantities transported into the bays and estuaries through the Aransas Inlet system were returned on the following ebb tide. Subsurface tows for oil collection at 2-3 m water depth indicated the presence of oil in concentrations ranging from 3.3% to 119% of surface oil concentrations measured during the same time period.



To National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
September 11, 1979