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In This Issue: Benefitting From Fear: The United States Political and Media Portrayal of Spillover Crime on the U.S.-Mexico Border / by Wilson Albright -- The Mind and Sociability of the Democratic Man / by Jackson Archer -- Indigenous Tourism and Economic Development: Building Community to Promote Development in the Valley of Liquiñe, Chile / by Derek Brinks -- The Effects of the High School Experience on the Civic and Political Participation of College Students / by Natalie Butler -- What Lies Matter: The Effect of Media Coverage of Misinformation in the Health Care Reform Debate on Public Opinion / by Jordan Humphries -- Towards Free and Fairness?: Regional Variances in Democratic Elections in Nigeria / by Chinyere Kimberly Ikegbunam -- Perception vs. Reality: The Truth About Terrorism and Counterterrosim in Post-9/11 America / by Ben Lancaster -- Free Thought and Political Science in the American Republic / by Matthew Levinton -- Working Class Need, Corporate Greed: How Wealth Has Become Political Capital in America / by Caleb Rodriguez -- Campaign Finance, Citizens United, and the Case for Procedural Equality / by Kelsey Spector -- After 9/11: American Soft Power and the Arab Spring / by Grace Zhang



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