Thermodynamic Synthesis of Solution Processable Ladder Polymers

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Lee, Jongbok
Rajeeva, Bharath Bangalore
Yuan, Tianyu Y.
Guo, Zi-Hao
Lin, Yen-Hao
Al-Hashimi, Mohammed
Zheng, Yuebing
Fang, Lei

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The synthesis of a carbazole-derived, well-defined ladder polymer was achieved under thermodynamic control by employing reversible ring-closing olefin metathesis. This unique approach featured mild conditions and excellent efficiency, affording the ladder polymer backbone with minimum levels of unreacted defects. Rigorous NMR analysis on a C-13 isotope-enriched product revealed that the main-chain contained less than 1% of unreacted precursory vinyl groups. The rigid conformation of the ladder-type backbone was confirmed by photophysical analysis, while the extended rod-like structure was visualized under scanning tunneling microscope. Excellent solubility of this polymer in common organic solvents allowed for feasible processing of thin films using solution-casting techniques. Atomic force microscopy and grazing incident X-ray scattering revealed a uniform and amorphous morphology of these films, in sharp contrast to the polycrystalline thin films of its small molecular counterpart.


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Lee, Jongbok, Bharath Bangalore Rajeeva, Tianyu Yuan, Zi-Hao Guo, Yen-Hao Lin, Mohammed Al-Hashimi, Yuebing Zheng, and Lei Fang. "Thermodynamic synthesis of solution processable ladder polymers." Chemical Science 7, no. 2 (Nov., 2015): 881-889.