Development of methodology and system to track utility adjustments

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Shetty, Harsha Babu

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Recent studies show that issues related to utilities are among the top impediments for timely completion of highway projects. As the transportation infrastructure projects are in major swing, conflicts between the utility facilities and DOTs are becoming a regular theme. Despite being identified as the number one reason for delays in highway project, there is no existing methodology or systems to track utility adjustment process at DOTs. This thesis focuses on the development of methodology and system to track utility adjustments by developing an information flow model of utility adjustment process, identifying the major activities of utility adjustment process and finally developing the utility adjustment tracking system. An information flow model was developed for TxDOT utility adjustment process following which activities to be tracked were identified and utility adjustment tracking system was developed for Austin district based on their requirements. The soundness and the usability of utility adjustment tracking system were verified and validated by conducting a 2 phased pilot project conducted at Austin district.



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