An analysis of commuter bicyclist route choice using a stated preference survey




Stinson, Monique A.
Bhat, Chandra R.

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Transportation Research Board of the National Academies


This paper evaluates the importance of factors affecting commuter bicyclists’ route choices. Both route-level (e.g., travel time) and link-level (e.g., pavement quality) factors are examined. Empirical models are estimated using data from a stated preference survey conducted by the authors over the Internet. The models indicate that, for commuter bicyclists, travel time is the most important factor in choosing a route. Presence of a bicycle facility (especially a bike lane or separate path), the level of automobile traffic, pavement or riding surface quality, and presence of a bicycle facility on a bridge are also very important determinants. The paper also discusses the policy implications of these results for bicycle facility planning.


At the time of publication M. A. Stinson was at the Chicago Area Transportation Study and C.R. Bhat was at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Stinson, M.A., and C.R. Bhat (2003), " Commuter Bicyclist Route Choice: Analysis Using a Stated Preference Survey", Transportation Research Record, Vol. 1828, pp. 107-115.