Incorporation of Automated Ball Indentation Methodology for Studying Powder Bed Fabricated 304L Stainless Steel

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Karnati, Sreekar
Hoerchler, Jack
Flood, Aaron
Liou, Frank

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University of Texas at Austin


Automated Ball Indentation (ABI) is a viable method for estimating the ductility, yield stress, and ultimate stress, among other metrics, in different metallic materials. Currently, ABI data analysis utilizes Holloman’s Power Law to model the plastic region of the true stress-true strain curve. While this formulation is accurate for some materials, its relevance for additively manufactured austenitic stainless steels, such as 304L, needed investigation. The deviation of the material’s plastic behavior from the Power Law was investigated. In order to better model this behavior, both the Voce and Ludwigson formulation were investigated. These formulations were tested for both wrought and additively manufactured 304L stainless steel. Regression analysis was used to choose the appropriate fit. The chosen formulation was then used to generate a material model to simulate the ABI process. These simulations were validated through experimental analysis.


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