Mineral Resource Evaluation of the Proposed Columbus Bend Reservoir Site




Jackson, Mary L. W.
Collins, Gary F.

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The proposed Columbus Bend reservoir site lies in Fayette and Colorado Counties, Texas (fig. 1). The proposed permanent and maximum pool elevations are 220 ft and 240 ft, respectively, and the area they enclose is centered on the Colorado River floodplain extending north from Columbus, in Colorado County, to 8 mi northwest of La Grange in Fayette County. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the mineral resources in the reservoir and dam site area shown in figure 1, referred to in this report as the contract area. The four evaluated resources include oil and gas, sand and gravel, near-surface and deep-basin lignite, and uranium. No other mineral resources are known to occur in the contract area in amounts significantly greater than the background levels present in all rocks.


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