Apparatus and method for congestion control in high speed networks

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Li, San-Qi
Sigarto, Samuel
Zhao, Yongdong

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


An adjustable bit rate (ABR) feedback control scheme is provided where the effects of multiloop delays and high priority traffic transmission are built into the control model. The data traffic is filtered by a low pass filter. Then, the low frequency bandwidth of the filtered traffic is measured and compared to a predetermined threshold. If the measured value exceeds the threshold, the ABR traffic flow is reduced. If the measured value is less than the threshold, the ABR traffic flow is increased. In addition, a General Prediction Control (GPC) method may be applied to the control model for optimal performance. An object of the invention is to minimize the unused link capacity subject to no congestion, where the ABR traffic is adapted to the low frequency variation of high priority traffic flow for high efficiency.



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