Mixed income housing : an analysis of income distribution




Medina, Thomas

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The Hope VI program has a layered history of public housing redevelopment that resulted in the mixed income housing of today. It is widely regarded that mixed income housing can aid in relieving the effects of poverty such as alleviating crime, providing better tenant-management relations and community investment. Since then, there has been no study that validates the idea that mixed income housing yields a direct change in a household's economic mobility or overall well-being. I believe that we can use data from existing mixed income developments to inform what mixed income housing of the future can be. Now that Hope VI redevelopment projects have had several years of occupancy we can begin to take a look at data that reflects the income mix of people who live in these developments. I intend to use income data for three mixed income housing developments as one example of the kind of information that needs to compiled and analyzed to help form the depth of study that needs to be done.


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