The complete plastome of the green alga Oocystis borgei

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Salim, Ana

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The chlorophyte genus Oocystis Nägeli is in the Order Chlorellales of the Class Trebouxiophyceae. Species of Oocystis are common in the plankton assemblages of freshwaters worldwide. Research has shown the algal’s potential use in biotechnology for producing high-value bioactive by-products such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and fucose and as a bioindicator for saline wastewater treatment plants. Although species of Oocystis are abundant across various freshwater ecosystems, not many studies have analyzed the genomics of the genus. This study reports the full plastid genome (plastome) for a strain of Oocystis borgei. The assembled plastome is 98,917 bp in length with 91 genes of which 82 are protein encoding genes (CDS), 34 tRNAs, and 3 novel rRNAs. The inverted repeat (IR) size is 12,318 bp and the GC content is 32.5%. I compared the reconstructed plastome to NCBI published genomes in the Chlorellales to generate a maximum likelihood phylogeny. The phylogenetic relationships recovered are similar to previously published phylogenies of the Trebouxiophyceae. This study suggests that plastome data will be an important addition to understanding phylogenetic relationships within the Oocystaceae and to aid the further study of Oocystis borgei for application use.



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