Arts education in the Chautauqua Movement

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Adamson, Julie Lynn

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This study investigated arts education programs in the Chautauqua Movement during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Chautauqua Movement was a nationwide phenomenon that combined education with entertainment and sought to provide educational opportunities to rural communities with public gatherings and at-home learning offerings. This study focused on Chautauqua programs from the Movement’s founding in 1874 through 1930. Arts programs, in this study, included visual arts, music, and theatre. This research centered on the examination of published historical studies, memoirs, event programs, and photographs. Arts education programs in the Chautauqua Movement included lectures and demonstrations by visual artists, musical performances featuring a variety sizes and styles, and theatrical productions ranging from dramatic readings to hit Broadway plays. It was concluded in this study that a variety of art forms were present in these Chautauqua gatherings, which provided a rich body of entertainment and education in the arts for those who attended.




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