Pier Pressure: How The Russo-Ukrainian War Has Impacted Imports to the Port of Rotterdam




Brasov, Aiden

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Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, the EU announced a series of sanctions targeting Russian individuals and industries to halt the progress of the Russian War Machine and ultimately end the conflict. As large trading partners with Russia, the inflow and outflow of goods through the Netherlands and its Port of Rotterdam were heavily impacted. This thesis analyzes the Netherlands' trade data to answer the following questions. With sanctions being the EU's primary diplomatic tool and the war still raging on, are these sanctions currently successful? With the importation of cobalt increasing immediately after the war’s start, did this spike in imports lead to less effective sanctions? With much of this data released months after it is collected, how does the lack of timely, publicly available data influence sanction evaluation?

To do this, the first task is to explore different sanction evaluation methods and select the best to measure the EU's sanction efficacy. The second task is to address the rise in the importation of cobalt and how this might delay Europe's economic disentanglement from Russia. The third task is to discuss the current lack of available trade data in the EU and the benefits to future sanction evaluation by publicizing Bill of Ladings data.


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