Praxis, Volume 08, No. 01: Quantitative and Qualitative Visions of the Writing Center




Picciotto, Madeleine
Bromley, Pam
Northway, Kara
Schonberg, Eliana
Hoyt, Christopher
Peterson, Maryann
Hirschhorn, Jane
Saathoff, Andrea
Chapman-Hillard, Collette
Auten, Janet Gebhart

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Contents: Writing Assessment and Writing Center Assessment: Collision, Collusion, Conversation / by Madeleine Picciotto -- Bridging Institutions to Cross the Quantitative/Qualitative Divide / by Pam Bromley and Kara Northway -- Toward a More Perfect Union: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Data in Writing Fellows Program Assessment / by Christopher Hoyt and Maryann Peterson -- Bridging Quantitative Analysis with Qualitative Experience: Two Concerns Working Together for a More Comprehensive Perspective / by Jane Hirschhorn -- Research at the UWC: Understanding the Diversity of Students' Experiences / by Andrea Saathoff and Collette Chapman-Hillard -- Mapping the Meaning of "Help": Tutor Training and the Sense of Self-Efficacy / by Janet Gebhart Auten -- Researching Micromoments in the Writing Center / by Jennifer Pooler -- Watch and Learn: Peer Evaluation and Tutoring Pedagogy / by Jane Van Slembrouck -- "Anybody there?" : A Comparison of Writing Center Coaching and Crisis Counseling / by Jenny Poon

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