Communal politics and architectural planning at Siena's Palazzo Pubblico




Johns, Ann Collins, 1955-

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Siena's Palazzo Pubblico and Carnpo project an image of an architecturally harmonious and politically focussed civic complex. Perhaps the Nine and the commune of Siena had developed an overall design of the civic complex early in the planning stages of the Palazzo Pubblico, with all of the resultant additions and embellishments clearly reflecting this initial plan. Or was the Palazzo Pubblico-Campo complex not the result of one grand plan, but rather a reflection of a continually changing political and artistic climate? In this context, was the siting of the main council rooms due to a need for greater convenience or space, or did it reflect a conscious break with tradition? Did the use of brick for the Palazzo Pubblico indicate an economical and expedient means of construction, or rather a deliberate move away from stone, a building material identified with the castellari of the magnates? The discussion of these questions will be the focus of this thesis