Promoting implementation of clinical learning tools for optimal goal orientation and self-regulated learning skills in clinical medical students




Ellerbrock, Alyssa Louise

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One goal of medical education is that students become motivated, life-long learners and are prepared to enter into clinical practice as effective self-regulated learners. A goal of clinical teaching faculty is to promote a conducive environment that fosters mastery goal orientations and self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies. However, clinical faculty face many barriers to effective teaching. Teaching tools such as SNAPPS and the One-Minute Preceptor (OMP) can provide a means for physicians to foster motivation and SRL skills despite barriers to teaching. Achievement Goal Orientation Theory and Self-Regulated Learning will be reviewed as constructs to utilize in clinical medical education. SNAPPS and OMP will be reviewed as tools that promote mastery goal orientation, mastery goal structures, and self-regulation. Ideal implementation of teaching and learning tools by faculty as well as habit development for utilizing tools in clinical practice will be evaluated


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