Nanoparticle bed dispense and global translation mechanisms in a microscale selective laser sintering process

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Behera, Dipankar

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This thesis presents a design validation and experimental analysis of a novel nanoparticle bed dispense mechanism and the translation system of a microscale selective laser sintering (μ-SLS)tool. A comprehensive study of a slot die coating based technique used for the nanoparticle bed spreading in a μ-SLS process is done. Coating models for single layer and multiple layer coating have been discussed. Coating uniformity tests at different coating gaps and speeds has been shown. The sintering experiments for single layer and multiple layer show the features which can be achieved and the critical areas where further work needs to be done. pre-sintering and post-sintering paramters like the partial drying of the NP ink bed and the washing off process have been discussed in this thesis as well. In addition to the coating and sintering process, the resolution and repeatability experiments of the global positioner have been done to analyze the positioning capabilities of a linear motor guided by air bearing rails.


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