Significance of decreasing response time for social questions by using WhichOne, a Web 2.0 application




Bednarczyk, Alexander Adam

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Our busy lives confront us with multiple questions that need to be answered every day. We may come across questions in our lives that we can answer ourselves; while there are other questions we would like a second opinion. Then there are questions to which we simply do not know the answer. Proposed is WhichOne, a Web 2.0 application that allows users to obtain answers from other people. The proposed social networking tool named WhichOne, allows a user to quickly prepare a question and share it with others. Using social networking tools shortens the time delay of getting responses. It also allows for a quick computation of statistics associated with multiple answers, and for an access to a large number of potential individual or group responders. A user can create a poll and list possible responses to the poll. Polls have a close time where people can vote until they are closed for voting. WhichOne is a prototype and has been active for over half a year now and received a variety of polls and responses from several users. WhichOne obtains a faster response than email and phone calls because users using a desktop are able to share their polls using the AddThis service, which provides 300 different options for sharing their poll. When using WhichOne's mobile application available on Android, users are able to share their poll using the sharing options available on their phone, this includes but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook, texting, and Google hangout. Email is slower than WhichOne because emails have a tendency to not receive a response for several days, maybe weeks. Calling on the other hand is an intrusive and slow option especially with a muti respondent poll.




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