Development Of A 2-D Micellar/Polymer Simulator




Hong, Chong-Huey

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A two-dimensional, compositional simulator has been developed and applied to micellar/polymer flooding. This simulator can model both heterogeneous areal reservoirs and heterogeneous vertical reservoir cross-sections. Physical phenomena such as dispersion, phase behavior, dilution effects, adsorption, polymer properties (shear thinning, inaccessible pore volume, permeability reduction), interfacial tension, relative permeability, capillary trapping, cation exchange, capillary pressure and phase density are included in the simulator. The solution technique used is analogous to IMPES, but overall concentration instead of saturations are solved for initially. Chaudhari's technique is used to solve the concentration equation. Either a constant time-step size or variable time-step size can be used in the simulator. Either constant pressure or constant rate boundary conditions can be used. The simulator has been applied to various field scale conditions. Factors simulated include reservoir properties, cross-flow, operating conditions, and various process variables such as slug size, polymer drive grading and size, salinity gradient, and mobility ratio.


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