The southern Grange : the farmer's search for identity in the Gilded Age




Calvert, Robert A.

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In a period of American history that witnessed the birth and death of many national farm organizations, the Patrons of Husbandry was the first. As such it has received much attention from American historians. Most of the considerations, however, evaluated the midwestern Granger movement, and concentrated on the political and economic activities of the Patrons. The author decided, therefore, that the activities of the Patrons in the South should be investigated, and that such an inquiry should look into educational and social ventures as well as economic and political ones. This essay is the result. This study was not intended to be a narrative history of the southern Grange movement. Rather it was designed to explore the causes which convinced the southern farmer to join a national farm fraternity, how the organization expected to correct the evils that led the farmer to the Grange, and why it could not do so.