The use of modern digital technology to store and serve biodiversity data for research and educational purposes




Brenskelle, Laura Marie

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Herein I describe two different projects I completed during the course of my Master’s at The University of Texas at Austin. These projects broadly focused on the application of technology to maintain scientific data for research and education. The first chapter is a case study of a website I developed as part of a group project in a graduate database management course. Our group took a module from proprietary instructional software developed in the 1990s, and moved it into an online format with a MySQL database on the backend. In chapter one, I provide the appropriate documentation for this project to be expanded in the future. The second chapter describes a project where I interviewed collection managers of natural history collections about their database practices. These practices have implications for the downstream use of these data for research, education, and conservation. As technology inevitably advances, this thesis will serve as a historical snapshot of modern practices, and today, it can provide a starting point of how to further the emerging discipline of biodiversity informatics.


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