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This interview is with Mehlam Bhuriwala, an activist with experience in a variety of organizing settings and a former employee of IDCL. Mehlam tells his story of growing up in Texas as a Pakistani-American and part of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, and how he navigated his senses of belonging and identity. He shares formative experiences of grappling with grief and mental health at a young age. He discusses involvement, such as high school debate club and college participation in United Students Against Sweatshops, that shaped his worldview and commitment to social justice. Mehlam also talks about his involvement in the Palestinian Solidarity Committee and his current work with Family Eldercare.

Content Warning: The following interview contains sensitive material. Please note that the interview includes description of suicidal ideation and psychiatric hospitalization. These subjects will be discussed at 23:01-24:29 (in the transcript p. 6).


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