Development of opportunity-based accessibility indicators




Chen, Yali
Ravulaparthy, Srinath
Deutsch, Kathleen
Dalal, Pamela
Yoon, Seo Youn
Lei, Ting
Goulias, Konstadinos G.
Pendyala, Ram M.
Bhat, Chandra R.
Hu, Hsi-hwa

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National Academy of Sciences


Accessibility, defined as the ease (or difficulty) with which activity opportunities can be reached from a given location, can be measured using the cumulative amount of opportunities from an origin within a given amount of travel time. These indicators can and should be used in regional planning and modeling efforts that aim to integrate land use with travel demand. The primary objective of this paper is to illustrate the creation of realistic space-sensitive and time-sensitive block level accessibility indicators to support the development of the Southern California Association of Governments activity-based travel demand model.


At the time of publication Y. Chen, S. Ravulaparthy, K. Deutsch, P. Dalal, S.Y. Yoon, T. Lei and K.G. Goulias were at the University of California Santa Barbara; R.M. Pendyala was at Arizona State University; C.R. Bhat was at the University of Texas at Austin; and H. Hu was at Southern California Association of Governments.

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Chen, Y., S. Ravulaparthy, K. Deutsch, P. Dalal, S.Y. Yoon, T. Lei, K.G. Goulias, R.M. Pendyala, C.R. Bhat, and H-H. Hu (2011), "Development of Indicators of Opportunity-based Accessibility," Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2255, pp. 58-68.