Three-dimensional (3D) Simulation of Micro-Void Development within Large Scale Polymer Composite Deposition Beads




Awenlimobor, Aigbe
Smith, Douglas E.
Wang, Zhaogui
Luo, Chenjun

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Manufacturing (BAAM) are largely affected by inherent bead microstructural features such as voids. Unfortunately, our understanding of void nucleation and evolution during polymer deposition process is lacking. Flow modeling focused on the associated microstructural formation provides a means for better understanding the process-structure-properties relations in large area extrusion deposition additive manufacturing of fiber reinforced composites. Our prior computational effort that investigated mechanisms that may promote micro-void formation was based on 2-dimensional planar models of a single ellipsoidal fiber motion in purely viscous polymer extrusion/deposition flow through a BAAM nozzle. Here we present a 3D finite element modelling approach to simulate single fiber out-of-plane rotations utilizing velocity and velocity gradient values computed along streamlines obtained from a 3D extrusion/deposition simulation of the BAAM polymer deposition process. The pressure distribution on the fiber’s surface along the flow path provides new insight into potential micro-void nucleation mechanism. Results show low pressure regions occur near the fiber’s surface which varies across the printed bead and through its thickness.



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