Destrúyelo todo : the women behind the Mexican feminist spring




Santillana, Melissa Analy

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This dissertation explores Mexican feminist activism from different angles and interventions, including the role of news media, social media, and activist leadership, to provide a better understanding of how these operate in the context of a history of gender violence, public policy aimed at improving women’s lives, and political activism. Feminist activists have been organizing under the hashtags #NiUnaMenos, #NiUnaMas, and #VivasNosQueremos to protest feminicide as well as misogynistic and patriarchal criminal systems. This study focuses particularly on Mexico City as it is one of the biggest epicenters for feminist protest across Latin America. The scope of this research is centered around the social actors involved and represented in feminist activist movements in Mexico, as well as the roles they play in collective mobilization and influencing public opinion. This project relied on ethnographic methods, including participatory observations, in-depth interviews, and a qualitative content analysis to answer questions regarding the news media representation Mexican feminist protest has in national mainstream, alternative, and international media. This study also answers questions regarding feminist activists’ use of digital media technologies to contest hegemonic narratives about feminist protest, as well as the ways in which they occupy the physical space to network and create alliances. This project investigates the changing dynamics of protest culture and the socio-cultural context that leads to the use of radical protest tactics, direct action, and the emergence of radical feminist protest groups. I argue that feminist protests are a performative demand for recognition of the precarious situation women experience in Mexico.


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