Tiny textiles : an exploration of surface design for small-scale fabrication at the 1/6th scale




Thorson, California

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The purpose of this MFA Thesis study is to examine surface design techniques for small-scale fabrication, specifically for stop motion animation at the 1/6th scale. Within the stop-motion industry, “surface design” refers to the use of embroidery, airbrushing, laser-cutting, stenciling, and other techniques to alter the surface look of a textile. Since purchasing textiles at the 1/6th scale is nearly impossible, the ability to alter pre-existing fabrics to give the “illusion” of textiles at a reduced scale is necessary for small-scale fabrication. Furthermore, since most small-scale fabrication skills are passed either through oral or apprenticeship arrangements, very little about this art form has been written down. As such, this thesis will serve to fill a gap in the field by conducting three case studies in the surface design of tweed, brocade, and denim, as well as engaging in a practical project in the form of costume work for a short stop-motion film, all of which will serve as a template for further people practicing small-scale fabrication.


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