The power of makeup : a digital ethnography




Stephens, Sakurako C.

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The purpose of this study is to investigate how one YouTube makeup tutorial impacted and shaped viewer’s perceptions in one digital community. This study uses ethnographic content analysis to analyze a transcription of The Power of Makeup YouTube video and the top 300 comments left below the video. The text from the artifacts (transcription and comments) were coded and categorized into 6 themes: empathy and relatability, empowerment, societal expectations, insecurities, personal justifications and disagreement. Each theme is a reflection of how participants responded to The Power of Makeup through their comments. This research will help equip viewers with an understanding of how images are perceived. With this knowledge, viewers will be able to use critical thinking skills to discern fact from opinion. The findings of this study also provide information for educators to teach visual culture in the classroom



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