A history of Travis County, 1832-1865




Hardy, Aloise Walker, 1896-

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This has been a most appropriate time to study the history of Travis County. During the year 1939, Austin will celebrate her one hundredth birthday, and on the following January 25, the county will observe its centennial. The century, 1859-1939, has marked the passing of the frontier and the advent of a new way of living. The present owes a debt of gratitude to the past. Travis County has not only had a place of leadership in the state, but its citizens have always felt an added responsibility because the state capital was located within the boundaries of the county. The information concerning this period is interesting and abundant. The difficult task has been to know what to omit. I have made no attempt to write a complete history of the county; I have merely indicated the trend of important events and developments. Emphasis has been placed on the social and economic rather than on the political factors