Analysis of Fault Events in MVDC Architecture

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Ouroua, A.
Beno, J.H
Hebner, R.E.

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Effective interruption of load currents under both normal and fault conditions presents major challenges in medium-voltage DC distribution systems. In a highly-integrated DC power system, the preponderance of power converters connecting several loads with power ranging from (W) to (MW) levels rises additional concerns about the effects of a DC fault on other loads connected to the same bus or adjacent buses. Equally critical are the interactions between these power converters during the fault isolation and clearance process. In order to address some of these issues a basic but relevant model has been constructed to study the behavior and effects of DC faults in an MVDC power system for an all-electric ship. Results of the analysis are presented.


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A. Ouroua, J. Beno, and R. Hebner, “Analysis of fault events in MVDC architecture,” Proc. IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (IEEE ESTS 2009), Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., April 20-22, 2009, pp. 380-387.