Fiber Traction Printing--A Novel Additive Manufacturing Process of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite

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Wang, Xin
Tian, Xiaoyong
Li, Dichen

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University of Texas at Austin


Metal matrix composites (MMCs) are materials which have been widely used in the aerospace and automobile industries since the 1980s and have been classified as hard-to machine materials. This manuscript proposes a novel additive manufacturing process of continuous fiber reinforced metal matrix composite -- fiber traction printing (FTP). The composites with complex structures can be directly manufactured via FTP which utilizes the wetting force and capillarity force to control the flow of melting matrix. The craft is proceeding without extra pressure device and atmosphere protection device and substantially decreases the cost. This manuscript introduces the proof-of-concept prototype and the ability to control the flow of melting matrix and fiber distribution through this process yields a flexible manufacturing route to fabricating 3D metal matrix composite parts with full density and complex geometries.


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