Parameter Estimation Based Real-Time Metrology for Exposure Controlled Projection Lithography

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Zhao, Xiayun
Rosen, David W.

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University of Texas at Austin


Exposure Controlled Projection Lithography (ECPL) is a layerless mask-projection stereolithography process, in which parts are fabricated from photopolymers on a stationary transparent substrate. To enable advanced closed-loop control for ECPL, an in-situ interferometric curing monitoring (ICM) system has been developed to infer the output of cured height. However, the existing ICM method based on an implicit model and rough phase counting is not fast and accurate enough. This paper reports on a new ICM method to address the modeling and algorithms issues confronted by the current ICM method. The new ICM model includes two sub-models: a sensor model of instantaneous frequency based on interference optics and a calibration model. To solve the models, a moving horizon exponentially weighted online parameter estimation algorithm and numerical integration are adopted. As a preliminary validation, offline analysis of interferograms acquired in an ECPL curing experiment is presented. The agreement between ICM estimated cured height and ex-situ microscope measurement indicates that the overall scheme of the new ICM measurement method with a well-established model, evolutionary estimation and incremental accumulation, is promising as a real-time metrology system for ECPL. The new ICM method is also shown to be able to measure multiple voxel heights consistently and simultaneously, which is desired in global measurement and control of ECPL.


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